A sports promotion voting ticket issued by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation

Once again stressed the need for a clear terminology distinction between “illegal sports gambling” and legal sports promotion voting ticket “Sports Toto.”
Sports Toto is a national business that is currently legally operated and its own name. The same is true of “Toto” and “Protto,” the names of “Sports Toto.” In this regard, the current National Sports Promotion Act considers all similar sports betting activities using cash illegal, except for Sports Toto, a sports promotion voting ticket, and Betman, a legal Internet release site.

However, it is not uncommon to witness a mixture of “illegal sports gambling” and “Sports Toto” in articles and press releases of institutions covered by some media. It is a problem that occurs because the meaning of the term is not accurately distinguished.

This can cause confusion for customers who use “Sports Toto” healthily, in which “Sports Toto” is recognized as the same criminal act as “illegal sports gambling.” On the contrary, if the name “Sports Toto” or “Toto” is marked without permission on an illegal sports gambling site, there may be situations that ordinary citizens may misunderstand as legal.

Furthermore, since this can greatly damage the image of legitimately operated national projects, illegal gambling and betting must be used in clear terms of “illegal sports gambling” to prevent social confusion in advance.

In this regard, an official from Sports Toto Korea said, “The indiscriminate use of ambiguous terms is causing great confusion in the perception of ordinary customers,” adding, “The exact use of terms that distinguish between legal and illegal will eventually prevent the spread of illegal sports gambling and create a healthy sports leisure culture.” 안전놀이터 추천

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