The left shoulder that had surgery in 2018 was a time bomb after Lee Jung-hoo

How surprised must have been that the veteran coach ran to the outfield fence.

The injury of San Francisco Giants Lee Jung-hoo in the U.S. Major League Baseball seems unusual.

Lee Jung-hoo injured his left shoulder in a home game against the Cincinnati Reds at Oracle Park in San Francisco on the 13th (Korea time).

It was a game that drew attention. It was a return match for injury in which he failed to play three games after being hit by a foul ball that he hit. Lee Jung-hoo is a star player who signed a contract worth an astronomical amount of 113 million U.S. dollars for six years ahead of this season. Attention is focusing on his every move.

Was that why he was even more motivated? Lee focused on defense in the top of the first inning. A pitch hit by Jaymer Candelario, who is facing the crisis with the bases loaded, flew towards the fence in the middle to the right.

However, while trying to make a jump catch in front of the fence and landing, he hit his left elbow and shoulder hard in the fence net and collapsed.

It was not enough for a trainer and interpreter to go and check the condition, so even coach Bob Melvin ran to the outfield fence. Coach Melvin came out with his glove and hat as if in vain as he saw Lee Jung-hoo leaving the ground under the help of a trainer.

After the game, Melvin and San Francisco Giants officially announced Lee Jung-hoo’s injury as a “displacement of shoulder.” To put it simply, a dislocation is a symptom of a dislocation of the shoulder, which means that the shoulder can be fully removed, as long as the shoulder is re-fitted, there is no big problem. However, there are cases in which the shoulder has to be put on the operating table if the shoulder is damaged or cartilage or tissue is removed. While a dislocation in the habit of habitually withdrawing the shoulder is not likely to result in a major injury, a case in which the shoulder is dislocated due to an impact can often lead to a major injury. This is why Lee’s injury is worrisome.토토사이트넷

U.S. local media reported that dislocation is a serious injury that could lead to surgery, and that if one gets surgery, the season should be over. Lee will have an MRI exam on Friday. Depending on the circumstances, the possibility of being listed on the long-term injured list cannot be ruled out.

Lee Jung-hoo’s left shoulder injury was actually more likely to occur than other areas. Lee Jung-hoo was on the operating table when he hurt his left shoulder while diving catch in the second round of the semi-playoff against the Hanwha Eagles in October 2018, when he was a member of the Heroes. He injured the same area in June of that year, when he was diagnosed with a full six-week recovery and avoided surgery, but when the impact was applied to the weakened area again, the damage was severe.

It is hard to say that the dislocation occurred because of the cases at that time, but it is a case of serious injury because the shock was applied to the situation where the shoulder was weakened a lot. Lee Jung-hoo is known to have steadily worked on rehabilitation of his left shoulder since surgery when he was a hero.

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