Table Mountain Casino Club Players are starting the new year in true Table Mountain Casino winning fashion.

Stacey, from the neighboring community of Clovis, won the first random Massive Cash jackpot of 2019, for $96,926.42, while playing her favorite penny machine. Her first thought, when she realized she had won this random life-changing jackpot, was “No Way!” Though speechless at first, excitement quickly took over. Stacey plans to enjoy her winnings during her upcoming birthday trip to Greece.

In the comfort of Table Mountain’s 700 seat Bingo Hall, Jharmal of Fresno, Angelita of Fresno and Kelly of Modesto were all enjoying the fun and excitement of playing their favorite Bingo games, when they hit the Bazingo jackpot for a grand payout of $460,392. Each of the three winners took home $153,464.00 each.

Located just fifteen minutes north of Fresno, happy winners are made every hour of every day at Table Mountain Casino. Over $16 million dollars in jackpots were paid out to winners this past December alone…that’s a lot of million-dollar winning smiles. January is already starting to fill up with pictures of big winners.

Rob Goslin, Casino President and General Manager, congratulated all of these recent winners, all starting the new year with HUGE jackpots and said, “Stacey, Jharmal, Angelita, Kelly, and all of our winners really know how to bring in the new year in a big winning way. Here at Table Mountain Casino, we make winners every day. On behalf of the entire Table Mountain Casino Team, we extend our sincerest congratulations to Stacey on her Massive Cash jackpot and Jharmal, Angelita and Kelly on their big Bazingo win. Players from all over Central California say, ‘This is Winning,’ here at Table Mountain Casino and we couldn’t agree more!”

Massive Cash is a completely random jackpot and is found only at Table Mountain Casino. This jackpot is guaranteed to hit anywhere between $50,000 and $150,000. As soon it hits, the Massive Cash Jackpot meter starts climbing again, beginning at a sizzling $50,000. No winning combination on the slot reels is needed to trigger this jackpot, just luck and playing with your Table Mountain Casino Player’s Club Card inserted in your machine.


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