Suwon FC’s strong gatekeeper Ahn Jun-su

It is showing its presence in the K League 1 of the top-ranked league in Korea. Suwon FC goalkeeper Ahn Jun-su is firmly supporting the team’s rise.

Ahn Jun-su, who settled down as Suwon FC ahead of this season, made his professional debut at the J-League Cerezo Osaka in 2016. After playing on the Japanese stage, including a loan to Kagoshima United, the J3 league, he wore a K-League 2 Busan I-Park uniform in 2021, and was traded to Jeonnam after going back and forth with his main player. He wanted to play on a bigger stage, but he entered the K-League 1 at the invitation of Kim Eun-joong, who was with him at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Ahn Jun-su was selected as the best 11 player in the first round by recording clean sheet through stable catching and build-up in the opening match against Incheon United, which was his debut match in the K League 1. Except for games that he missed due to injury, he played in 10 games this season and recorded three clean sheets.

Ahn Jun-su’s true value shined even more at Suwon Stadium on the 19th. He took the lead in his team’s 1-0 victory by blocking offensives from “league-leading” Pohang. Suwon FC, which added three more points to 21 points, closely trailed third-place Ulsan HD (24 points).

Sports Seoul selected Ahn Jun-su in the 13th round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” Player of the Round (POTR).

Pohang hit 22 shots and recorded three shots on the day, but failed to open the goal due to An Jun-su’s good defense. An Jun-su’s defense rate was 100%. Jung Jae-hee took a pass from Pohang Hong Yoon-sang in the box in the 41st minute of the first half and connected it to the shot, but An Jun-su hit it. Lee Ho-jae received a cross from the right side and hit a shot, but An Jun-su extended his arms to clear it again. In the second half extra time, he even caught Giorgi’s header, helping his team win by one goal.

This is the position that coach Kim, who took the helm ahead of this season, was the first to reinforce the goal of Suwon FC, which was unstable last season. “It was the position I first thought of after taking the helm. And I asked Junsu, who had been involved in the Olympics, why don’t we do it together?” he said. “We had a love call from another club, but he got to join us.”토토사이트

“I was fully aware of my capabilities. I was a player who had motivation to play in the first division. He has been doing well so far, so his defense line has found stability. We have a lot of games left, so if we keep our conditions well, I think we can lay the groundwork for a step forward,” he said.

“All players want to play in the first division. I didn’t think much about it when the coach called me. I was more motivated when I was a backup than when I was a regular player. I am so grateful to hear that the defense line has regained stability thanks to me. Rather, I think I can do it because other players jumped one step further. My goal is to finish the season without getting hurt,” Ahn said.

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