“Match Queen” Park Hyun Kyung is 52nd

Koda ranked first for nine consecutive weeks with 13.12 points in the world rankings of women’s golf announced on Monday (Korea time). The score almost doubled that of Lilia Bu (U.S., 6.32 points).

Koda won the Mizuho Americana Open on the LPGA Tour, which ended on Sunday, and clinched his sixth trophy this season. Koda is enjoying her heyday with six wins, or half of the 12 competitions this year.

Boo, Celine Boutier (France), and In Luoning (China) maintained their rankings from second to fourth.토토사이트

Ko Jin-young (29), Rose Chang (USA), Charlie Hull (England), and Lee Min-ji (Australia), fell one place to 9th place as Hannah Green (Australia), who was runner-up after competing with Koda to win the Mizuho Amerikas Open, became fifth in the world rankings, up four notches.

Among the Korean players, Kim Hyo-joo (29) ranked 11th, Yang Hee-young (35) ranked 19th, and Shin Ji-ae (36) ranked 20th.

Park Hyun-kyung (24), who became the “match queen” at the Doosan Match Play on the KLPGA Tour on the 19th, ranked 52nd, up 11 notches from 63rd last week.

Among the players on the KLPGA Tour, it is the fifth highest ranking after 31st place Lee Ye-won (21), 39th place Park Ji-young (28), 40th place Bang Shin-sil (20) and 41st place Hwang Yoo-min (21).

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