Sports teams ramp up security after a string of incidents

Due to the recent spate of incidents, professional sports organizations are also concerned about security.

On April 4, baseball’s KBO League and professional soccer’s K League 1 were held across the country. The KBO was held at five stadiums across the country, including Jamsil Stadium in Seoul, and the K League was held at two stadiums, including Seoul World Cup Stadium.

FC Seoul, which is playing the Pohang Steelers at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, sent out a text message to fans who booked home tickets early about enhanced security.

“We informed fans that we will be checking bags more thoroughly,” said a Seoul club representative, “and that it may take longer to enter the stadium due to the hot weather, but we asked for their understanding in advance. The fans responded that they understood.”

Professional baseball teams with large crowds are also on high alert.

The Lotte Giants, who played a home game against the SSG Landers at Sajik Stadium in Busan today, implemented safety measures in and around the stadium.

All spectators were required to pass through a metal scanner upon entering the stadium and were subjected to additional pat-downs if they were carrying large items of concern. Security guards also patrolled the stadium in two-man teams during the game.

In addition, police patrol cars were deployed outside Sajik Stadium, and police officers patrolled.

To enhance security, the KIA Tigers, who play their home games in Gwangju, conducted trainings to strengthen searches for spectator items and reconfirm evacuation 토토 routes in case of an emergency.

The NC Dinos, who use Changwon as their home stadium, also reviewed relevant manuals and checked security and security checks at the local police station.

The Samsung Lions, who use Daegu as their home stadium, also received training on relevant facts such as security services. The Doosan Bears, who use Jamsil Stadium, which attracts many fans, also took care to strengthen security.

A club official said, “The atmosphere is shaken by the sudden large-scale accident, and we will take special care to prevent any accidents from happening.”

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