Song Kang-ho, Byun Yo-han proud of ‘Uncle Samsik’ despite disappointing reception

Actors Byun Yo-han, left, and Song Kang-ho play lead characters in Disney+ Korean original series “Uncle Samsik.' Courtesy of Walt Disney Company Korea

However, despite the initial hype, the series struggled to generate significant interest among K-drama fans upon its release on the streaming platform last month, falling short of winning over a global audience.

The 16-part period series, set during the turbulent times of the late 1950s to early 1960s in Korea, follows the fictional character Park Doo-chill (Song), known as Uncle Samsik. The story unfolds against the backdrop of real-life historical events, such as the 1960 presidential election and the subsequent protests.

Park is a fixer who works closely with politicians to secure his place in the upper echelons of society. However, his life takes a turn when he meets Kim San (Byun Yo-han), an ambitious elite idealist determined to reshape the country’s fortunes. Park persuades Kim to join forces, promising to help make his dream a reality.

Despite some criticisms of the series for its dialogue-heavy and slow-paced story with a complex plot structure, lead actors Song and Byun expressed satisfaction with the series. They noted that it brought a fresh perspective to the streaming service scene.

“The story was set in the 1950s era that Koreans know but haven’t experienced. This historical context may have posed a barrier for 스포츠토토존 viewers from other countries,” Song said during an interview with The Korea Times at a cafe in Jongno District, Seoul, Monday.

“Although there are some regrets, amid the current flood of stimulating and visually graphic streaming content, ‘Uncle Samsik’ stands out as a series with a serious and weighty plot that is worthy of binge-watching. While it may lack quick thrills, it offers a depth rarely seen in other series.”

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