1st Peruvian K-pop girl group BlingOne makes entrance to music scene

The members of BlingOne, the first Peruvian K-pop girl group / Courtesy of World K-Pop Center

BlingOne, the first-ever Peruvian K-pop girl group, is set to kick off its musical adventure on high hopes, with its debut track, “Kiss & Call,” hitting multiple streaming platforms Thursday.

BlingOne is the world’s first K-pop girl group composed entirely of Peruvian members. The three members — Abigail, Rubi and Kenny — are the winners of the first season of the global audition, “Click the Star,” which took place in Peru last year. Some 5,000 people applied for the audition, according to its host, the World K-Pop Center.

Established in 2020, the World K-Pop Center is an educational institution dedicated to K-pop. With the “Click the Star” project, it aims to hold auditions in 32 countries across the globe and launch 32 girl groups, seeking to prove that there are “no restrictions on nurturing K-pop talent.”

The members of Bling One received K-pop training from the World K-Pop Center when they prepared for their debut. On Wednesday, the trio unveiled its performance of “Kiss & Call” during a press event at the headquarters of the World K-Pop Center in central Seoul, wowing the audience with their singing and dancing prowess.

Its performance will be unveiled on ENA Channel’s “K-Pop Up Chart Show,” which will hit the air on July 12.

“BlingOne’s debut is a blueprint for K-pop,” an official of the World K-Pop Center said, adding that the group demonstrates how K-pop’s educational 카지노사이트 infrastructure can give birth to differentiated K-pop acts. “(In the future,) we will prove that K-pop is no longer exclusive to Korea, but a truly global music genre shared by everyone around the world.”

According to the center, a documentary featuring BlingOne’s journey from audition to debut will be released on different platforms in the coming days.

“Latin American media, such as Panamericana TV, are also showing great interest in the fact that South America, which has had many difficulties with accessibility, is being reborn as a K-pop blue ocean through this opportunity, and that the world’s first K-pop girl group composed entirely of South American foreigners is debuting in its home country of K-pop,” the center said.

It added that many other countries like Mexico and Colombia are asking the center to host the next auditions in their countries.

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