‘Selection of youth theater company’ The Sports Council also maintains disciplinary action against former Gimpo FC coaches.

The Korea Sports Council also held accountable the leaders who were identified as the perpetrators of the incident in which a Gimpo FC youth player made an extreme choice and made the final decision to maintain or add disciplinary action from the Korea Football Association.According to Yonhap News coverage on the 18th, the Korea Sports Council recently held a Sports Fair Committee meeting and confirmed the disposition of five people who were disciplined by the Football Association in connection with the extreme choice of teenage soccer player Jeong in April of last year.The Fair Trade Commission held this meeting to request a reconsideration from the Korea Sports Council, a higher-ranking organization, claiming that the disciplinary action of both Jung’s bereaved family and those pointed out as perpetrators by the Korea Football Association, which oversees domestic football administration, was unfair.The bereaved family said that the measures taken by the Football Association were not enough and urged the Sports Association to increase the level of disciplinary action, while the perpetrator argued that the existing disciplinary action was unfair.

After completing its own discussions last June, the Football Association imposed severe punishment on Gimpo’s former manager and coach, as well as the coach of Jeong’s team when he was in middle school and fellow players at the time.At that time, former coach A of Gimpo was suspended for three years, and former coach B was disciplined for two years. Former coach C, who was responsible for managing them, was sentenced to a two-year suspension.The former coach of middle school team D and his teammate at the time, team E, were given a one-year suspension. Suspension of qualification is a disciplinary action that prohibits all activities within the jurisdiction of the association.Among these, the Sports Council acknowledged the existing disciplinary effect for former Gimpo youth leaders. However, former coach D and group E accepted the opinion of the bereaved family and increased the disciplinary action from the existing 1 year 온라인카지노 suspension to 1 year and 6 months.

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