Review of Seoul Plaza Decided not to hold ‘LG Twins championship welcome party’ City sponsorship only

It’s not easy to coordinate the team’s schedule Seoul City support for the club’s own events

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Game 5 of the 2023 KBO Korean Series between KT Wiz and LG Twins held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 13th.
LG players are happy after confirming their victory over KT and winning the Korean Series.

The city of Seoul considered holding a street welcome party with citizens to celebrate the Seoul-based LG Twins’ victory in the Korean Series, but it did not materialize due to scheduling reasons.

As the LG Twins baseball team won its first championship in 29 years, fans who expected a large-scale street reception were left disappointed.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government on the 5th, the city and the club had discussed holding a large-scale welcome party at Seoul Plaza, but decided not to hold a street event.

The city proposed a plan to hold a celebration event at Seoul Plaza, but the club reportedly expressed its position that it would not be easy to coordinate the players’ schedules.

This is because the season has already ended and players have many personal schedules, making coordination difficult.

Instead, the LG Twins held its own event, the ‘2023 Love Giving Festival with Championship’, to celebrate the regular league and combined championship with fans at the Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University’s Seoul Campus on the 2nd.

The city actively sponsored the event through the autonomous district, including posting a banner congratulating the winner on streetlights.

Previously, Mayor Oh Se-hoon announced in a post on his Facebook account last month that he would actively consider holding a street welcome party to celebrate the LG Twins’ victory with citizens at Seoul Plaza. 19가이드03

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