Ratcliffe is an old-fashioned dictator!

English ‘big two’ slam coercive policies, “football is not a business”

The new owner of Manchester United of the English Premier League (EPL). His name is Jim Ratcliffe. He’s the second-generation British tycoon. A British petrochemical tycoon, Ratcliffe is worth an estimated £29.6 billion ($51 trillion).

A businessman to the bone. He’s here to revitalize the club, but his policies are not universally favored. For one thing, they’re all premised on how to save money. And it’s too draconian. He has reduced the salaries of the squad and made massive layoffs. In terms of player recruitment, he has said that he will not sign expensive superstars. They’ve announced that they’re going to bring in younger, cheaper players and develop them.

And the most controversial policy of recent times. It’s the no-player contact rule, which means that the players are only allowed to interact with each other and the club’s employees are kept apart from the players.

The most notable example is the segregation of the training center cafeteria. Initially, the players and staff were free to eat together in the training center cafeteria. This is now prohibited. The players can only eat in the players’ area and the staff can only eat in the staff area. The existing cafeteria will be used by the athletes, and a new cafeteria will be built elsewhere for the staff. Employees are not allowed in the team cafeteria.

According to the Mirror, this rule goes against Alex Ferguson’s philosophy of keeping the entire club together. Anger is brewing inside United,” the Mirror 토토 reported.

Keith Weynes, former chairman of Everton and Aston Villa, also joined in the criticism, writing in the UK’s Football Insider that Ratcliffe is an old-fashioned dictator.

“I see an old-fashioned dictatorial style in Ratcliffe. That’s his approach. He’s pushing for things unconditionally. He feels there is too much waste, too little engagement, too little spirit at United, and he compares his business, his organization, and United to that. This kind of thinking is wrong. Football is much more organic than business. There is a huge difference.”

“Football relies heavily on humans. But Ratcliffe’s approach is very hands-on, very businesslike. This is an old-fashioned dictatorial style. I hope Ratcliffe can be more enlightened. He may think it’s a new way of thinking, but it’s a return to the old style.”

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