KPGA Championship, a record-breaking success in gallery count and viewership

It was an unprecedented box office success for a Korean men’s golf tournament in recent years.

The 67th KPGA Championship with A-ONE CC (total prize money of 1.6 billion won – winner’s prize money of 3.2 billion won) concluded on March 10 with the victory of Jeon Ga-ram (28). Held at A-ONE CC (Par 71) in Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do, the tournament attracted more than 12,000 spectators (according to the organizers) over the four days.

This is the highest number of gallery visitors since the tournament has been held at AONE CC since 2016. In addition, the weather was not favorable, with on-and-off rain during the third and fourth rounds. The KPGA Championship will be held at AONE CC until 2027. Therefore, the number of galleries that want to watch the men’s exciting matches is expected to increase year after year.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of the event, not the least of which are the various programs for galleries prepared by the tournament’s co-organizers, the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) and AONE CC, as well as the invisible support of sponsor Pungsan Group.

The ‘Miniature Hole Photo Zone’ at the Gallery Plaza attracted a lot of attention. The photo zone, which depicts the 18th hole (par-4), recreated the winning moment of the 2023 winner, Choi Seung-bin (23-CJ). Other popular programs for galleries included digital caricatures, make-your-own eco-bags, wind chime decorating, and fan signings.

The new marquee and gallery stand behind the 18th green also attracted attention. The new marquee showed off the history and authority of the KPGA Championships with its majestic presence, and the new gallery stand was built to give the galleries the best view of the tournament. In addition, the handicapped-accessible bleachers on the 18th hole were a new trend in Korean golf tournaments.

The program designed to help players perform at their best is also a major factor in the success of the event. A player’s lounge was organized so that players could relax before and after the tournament. The family lounge, which was equipped with home games and other fun activities for the families of the athletes, was also a big hit.

All 156 players received the ‘KPGA Championship’ trophy, commemorative T-shirts and hats engraved with the names of previous winners, and commemorative 카지노 photo frames were presented to the players who participated in the ‘KPGA Championship’ for the first time to remind them of the meaning of the KPGA Championship, which is the first professional golf tournament in Korea and the oldest in the country.

All previous winners were awarded with a KPGA Championship All-Time Champion badge. This was done to further strengthen the status of the winners of the KPGA Championship, the most prestigious tournament in Korea, and to inspire their pride as players.

The first and second rounds of the tournament featured a variety of stories from past champions, including Choi Sang-ho (69), who holds the record for the most wins on the KPGA Tour (43), and Cho Chul-sang (66) and Kim Jong-duk (63), who won the only novice title on the KPGA Tour.

On the final day, KPGA legends Han Jang Sang (84), Moon Hong Sik (75), Lee Myung Ha (67), Choi Yun Soo (76) and Lee Kang Sun (75) visited the tournament to encourage the players. Their appearance was enough to stir nostalgia in the hearts of golf’s old fans.

Lastly, as the tournament was held during the Korean Veterans Month, the tournament fostered a sense of veterans’ consciousness and reflected on the meaning of remembrance. During the first round on Memorial Day, all players observed a moment of silence, and players, caddies, and tournament officials wore flag badges. The third and final rounds were played in a ‘ONE-WAY’ format, as befits the most prestigious tournament in Korea.

Thanks to these efforts, this year’s KPGA Championship was the highest-rated KPGA Tour event broadcast on SBS Golf 2 since 2023.

For this reason, Jeon’s post-match comments after winning his first major championship were even more poignant. “I’m getting married in December, and I think this victory is a very precious gift for my wife and family,” he said. “The KPGA Championship was made possible thanks to the founding members of the KPGA and other senior members. I would like to thank and express my gratitude to all the senior pros, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Chairman Ryu Jin Ryu of Pungsan Group, Chairman Kim Won-seop of the KPGA, and Chairman Jung Hee-ja, Vice Chairman Kim Sun-hyeop, and CEO Lee Kyung-jae of AONE CC.”


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