Park Ji-won ‘Lucky Silver’ in 1,000-Meter Men’s Relay

Short Track Park Ji-won ‘Lucky Silver’ in 1,000-Meter Men’s Relay at World Cup

Park Ji-won (Seoul Metropolitan Government), the world’s top-ranked short track athlete last season, won silver medals in the men’s 1,000-meter and men’s 5,000-meter relay at the third World Cup event.

Park Ji-won clocked 1:23.708 in the men’s 1,000-meter final of the third edition of the 2023-2024 International Ice Skating Union (ISU) World Cup in Beijing, China, on Tuesday, finishing second behind China’s Xiao’an Liu (1:23.696).

He revealed stamina issues late in the race and finished third, but was lucky to take silver after Canada’s William Dandanu, who had passed him earlier, was penalized after video review. 온라인카지노사이트

Jang Jang-woo (Korea University) crossed the line in fourth place and took home the bronze medal.

Park Ji-won was also lucky to win a silver medal in the relay final.

The men’s team of Park Ji-won, Jang Jang-woo, Kim Gun-woo (SportsToken) and Seo Ira (Hwaseong City Hall) fared less well in the men’s 5,000-meter relay final.

Their speed dropped with three laps to go and they slipped to last place.

With half a lap to go, the Canadian, Chinese, and Dutch runners in front of them got tangled up in a scuffle, and the Chinese and Dutch runners who couldn’t overcome it fell to the ice.

South Korea, running behind, fumbled their way across the finish line to take the silver medal behind Canada.

South Korea’s time was 6 minutes, 56.717 seconds, while Canada’s was 6 minutes, 55.964 seconds.

Kim Gil-ri (Seongnam City Hall), Lee So-yeon (Sportsnet), Shim Seok-hee (Seoul Metropolitan Government), and Park Ji-yoon (Seoul Metropolitan Government) were also fortunate to finish second in the women’s 3,000-meter relay final.

Korea crossed the line in third place behind the Netherlands and Canada with a time of 4:07.831, but Canada was awarded the silver medal after a penalty.

In the men’s and women’s 500 meters, no one advanced to the final. In the women’s 1,000-meter final, Kim Gil-ri finished fourth and Lee So-yeon fifth.

After the competition, the short track team will return to Korea to compete in the fourth edition of the World Cup at the Mokdong Ice Rink in Seoul on Feb. 15.

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