NFL playoff tickets are only 40,000 won The reason is the -18 degree cold wave.

North American Professional Football (NFL) games are famous for their extremely expensive admission tickets, as is the representative sports event in the United States.If you want to watch a popular team’s playoff game, you should be prepared to spend at least 1 million won.How much will tickets cost for the wild card round, the first game of this season’s playoffs, for last season’s Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs?Tickets for the NFL wild card round game between Kansas City and Miami Dolphins, which started at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, USA on the 14th (Korean time), were around $30 (about 40,000 won). The Associated Press reported, “With strong cold temperatures of minus 18 degrees Celsius forecast at game time, many fans who had reserved tickets in advance are selling them at low prices on the used ticket trading market.”With strong winds, the perceived temperature is expected to drop to -24 degrees Celsius.

“Spectators should think they are going on a cold ski trip or ice fishing and be equipped,” said Dr. Sarah Spellsberg, who teaches polar medicine at Northeastern University in the US. “If it were me, I would be wearing ski goggles so that not even a millimeter of skin is exposed.” “He warned.The Kansas City team set up warming areas throughout the stadium for fans and allowed fans to bring blankets, which were originally prohibited.One Kansas City fan even prepared a cheering sign saying, ‘I hope it gets colder’ to cheer on Kansas City, which is used to the cold. The strong cold weather is equally perplexing to the players playing in the stadium.The visiting Miami players went from training in the warm climate of Florida to a “winter wonderland” in the central United States.

The Associated Press reported, “When the Miami players boarded the plane to Kansas City, the temperature in Miami was 30 degrees Celsius, and when they landed in Kansas City, it was -12 degrees Celsius.”Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who was born in Hawaii, said, “It’s my first time playing in weather like this, so it’s a new feeling.”Kansas City players, who are used to the cold, also have a hard time.Kansas City coach Andy Reid said, “It’s cold for me, just like you all. Still, we have work to do. We have to play the game.”Meanwhile, the NFL wild card round game between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers, scheduled to be held in Orchard Park, New York, on this day was postponed to the 16th due to 스포츠토토존 a forecast of 60 cm of snow.

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