Tired 14th consecutive loss’

Pepper Savings Bank, a professional volleyball women’s team, is in a situation where it has to overcome both consecutive and previous losses.

Recently, Pepper Savings Bank has been bogged down by 14 consecutive losses in the Dodram 2023-2024zen V-League. After winning its second victory of this season against GS Caltex on Nov. 1 last year, it lost the game downwards. It ranks the lowest with seven points (2 wins and 19 losses).

In the previous game, he suffered a shocking defeat. He won the first set against the “giant” Heungkuk Life Insurance, and displayed his better performance in the second set as well, reaching 22 to 14. However, after Kim Yeon-koung’s turn served, she collapsed instantly and suffered an upset loss. Eventually, she failed to secure a point, let alone escape consecutive losses.

Pepper Savings Bank easily gave up the score due to receiving anxiety in the game. While Oh Ji-young was away due to health problems, Chae Sun-ah and Kim Hae-bin established two receiving teams, but the two players did not have good receiving conditions. They also failed to lead the mood of the game, losing ground in side-out fights.

Pepper Savings Bank’s opponent in the crisis of 15 consecutive losses is Chung Kwan-kwan. It is Pepper Savings Bank’s biggest natural enemy, which has never won since its foundation.

Pepper Savings Bank will play an away game against Chungmu, the women’s team’s fourth round, at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on Wednesday. It is hoped that the bank will end its long losing streak as well as its natural enemies.

Chung has seen his performance improve significantly recently, as Lee So-young and foreign player Jia have shown better performance. Chung, who recently won two consecutive games, is ranked fifth with 30 points (9 wins and 12 losses).

Pepper Savings Bank needs to reorganize its team from a broad framework by catching the basics of receiving. Only then can we end our losing streak and natural enemies and start a new beginning.

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