NETELLER and Satellie, the world’s largest online payment processor for internet gamblers, pulled out of the U.S. market on Wednesday night.

And over the weekend, with Click-to-Pay pressing a pause button on allowing new U.S. accounts, Instadbit left the U.S. altogether.

“Account registration and transfer from your country of residence to merchants is denied by U.S. law,” a message recorded in INSTADEBIT’s customer service line informs U.S. callers. “If you have a balance in your INSTADEBIT account, you can log in to your account profile and withdraw the balance to your bank account. If you have more questions, please contact . Thank you.”

And while Click2Pay still allows existing customers to do business as usual on internet gambling sites, as of Jan. 19, they are no longer opening new accounts for U.S. customers. Click2Pay did not say if it would change its policy or if it had a timeline to do so.무료 슬롯

The sudden lack of options for American gamblers is a huge change in just one week. Poker Stars lists 17 deposit methods, but only one (ePassporte) still accepts American customers. Full Tilt has also chosen several deposit options, with only Click2Pay, ePassporte, and MoneyGram cash transfers being the only remaining options for Americans.

However, Absolute Poker has turned to processing credit card transactions beyond third-party payment processors. Transactions are handled by outside companies that are not coded as internet gambling transactions but are shown as Global in 1-800 numbers on credit card statements.

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