“Dagger Uniform Day.”

Incheon United’s home stadium is expected to be embroidered with blue-black waves.

The Incheon club announced on the 8th that it will designate the 12th round home game of “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” against FC Seoul at Incheon Football Stadium on Saturday, May 11 as “Dagger Uniform Day” and provide various benefits to fans who have come in blue and black Incheon club home uniforms.

On the day of an important home game against Seoul, the Incheon club prepared a “Dagger Uniform Day” that provides various benefits before, during, and after the game when visiting the stadium with a blue-black home uniform in order to give Incheon citizens and fans a different experience of completely coloring the home Incheon soccer stadium with blue and black, the unique color of the club. The uniforms subject to participation in the event are the home uniforms of the Incheon club in blue and black, and any season of the Dagger home uniform is fine.

First of all, 3,000 fans who visit the stadium wearing the home uniforms of the team at each entrance gate will be given a coupon for a americano service at the club’s cafe in Incheon, which is scheduled to open from late May to early June, and 6,000 first-come-first-served people will be given the club’s blue handkerchief as a souvenir. The handkerchief provided on this day is expected to be a more meaningful souvenir as it will be used as a performance performed at once when the team enters the stadium.

In addition, during the game, a quiz event will be held for fans who wear the home uniforms of the team through a ground event, and various prizes will be presented through a lottery. They will continue to benefit after the game. After the game, if they visit 18 stores in the Incheon area and stores belonging to the Centennial Shop Cooperative, which have signed agreements with the Incheon club, they will be provided with two cans of drinks or a free bottle of alcohol if they wear home uniforms or present real or smart tickets for home games.토토사이트먹튀

“This ‘Pagum Uniform Day’ is expected to be more meaningful because it will be held with the club’s supporters ‘Blue Black,'” said Jeon Dong-soo, CEO of the club. “We have prepared various benefits for fans wearing the Pagum uniform, so please come together and dye our home turf with blue and black and support the fighters of the Pagum on the day of the important showdown with Seoul.”

Meanwhile, events such as a ceremony to deliver donations to the Incheon Youth Sports Promotion Agency, a celebration, encouragement of the team, escort kids, and invitation of executives and employees will be held to support the Incheon International Airport Corporation’s fostering of promising soccer players in the Incheon area, and a promotion booth for the Small Business Market Promotion Corporation will also be operated. In addition, soap flowers will be provided for female visitors with specialized fossils to commemorate Rose Day (5.14). In addition, various inquiries related to the home game against Seoul can be made through the club’s official website Channel Talk chat.

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