Kim Min-jae’s Direct Senior, the next-generation master of center back

A former Bayern Munich center back coach has emerged as a candidate for the next head coach of his former team.

German media “Sport 1” reported on the 2nd that “Riverplate coach Martin Demichelis (43) was listed as a candidate for the head coach to succeed Thomas Tuchel in Munich.”

Munich has displayed disappointing performance this season. With 24 matches played in the Bundesliga, it has 17 wins, three draws, and four losses, and is currently ranking second with only 54 points.

Not a few analysts say that the team has moved away from the championship competition. Leverkusen, the leader, swept 61 points with a 23-match unbeaten streak. Depending on the outcome of the matches, the gap with Munich could widen to 10 points.

There is even a possibility of no win. Munich, which has already been eliminated from the Pokal Cup, is on the verge of elimination after losing to Lazio in the round of 16 of the 2023/2024 UEFA Champions League. 토토사이트 순위

In the end, Munich pulled out its sword. Last month, Munich announced on its official website that it had decided to end the tour with Thomas Tuchel after the end of this season.

Among them, Coach Demichelis has been listed as a candidate for the next head coach. According to the report, Munich is keeping an eye on Coach Demichelis, who proved his leadership at River Plate.

Demichelis is well known as the legendary centre-back of Munich. From 2003 to 2011, he played 259 games in his career, winning four Bundesliga championships, four Pokal cups and four league cups.

His illustrious career is not limited to Munich. He also played in Atletico Madrid and Manchester City. Among them, he won the Premier League title.

He has steadily built up experience as a leader. After completing his training as a coach for the Munich Under-19 team and the Munich second-tier team, Coach Demichelis assumed the leadership position at the River Plate in January last year.

His experiences have shone at River Plate. Coach Demichelis won the title with 19 wins, four draws and four losses in 27 league games last season.

His proven leadership was enough to arouse Munich’s interest. “The way the ball was occupied and he was a former Munich player contributed to Munich’s high regard for Demichelis,” Sport 1 said.

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