23 consecutive losses, but because there are fans who support him, there is no remaining 5G abandonment

The Korea Expressway Corporation, led by head coach Kim Jong-min, will play against Red Sparks, the president of the Dodram 2023-24 V-League Women’s Round 6 at Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 27th. 메이저 토토사이트

The Korea Expressway Corporation suffered a shock defeat against Pepper Savings Bank at home on the 23rd. Rivers sweep loss. Pepper Savings Bank has been scapegoated for 23 consecutive losses.

“It’s always shocking to lose. I was shocked a lot,” coach Kim Jong-min said with a smile. “The flow of the game in the first and second sets was not good when viewed from a cold perspective. We told them to focus a little more and try differently, but they changed the mood ourselves. Pepper Savings Bank is not the team that can beat us. I think we could have lost more than enough.”

Banya Bukirich (registered name Bukirich) is taking the center stage in the attack, but the remaining two spots are a problem. Tanacha Ssot (registered name Tanacha), Moon Jung-won, Lee Ye-rim, Jeon Sae-yan, and Ko Ui-jeong are alternating, but it is true that they are showing a jagged performance.

Coach Kim Jong-min also said, “I expected it would not be easy while training and playing games. From Yoon Jeong’s point of view, he has to trust himself and the players, but he always solves the problem with difficulties in times of emergency. If Yoon Jeong knows how to use multiple routes, he will grow faster.”

“It will not be easy to match the offensive combination this season. I don’t know what combination is good for practice as well. After all, a good player has to play,” he added.

Moon Jung-won, who has to take the center stage with Libero Im Myeong-ok and Middle Blocker Bae Yuna, is regretting manager Kim Jong-min’s performance with his undulating performance.

Coach Kim said, “It seems to be a big impact on the off-season transfer of the national team. He endured well, but he is experiencing ups and downs in his concentration. I’m not feeling well again today. I’m thinking about the combination of offensive starters, but I think Yerim should go in first.”

There are five more games to go including the match on the day. Even if he brings up to 15 points, he will not be able to join the spring volleyball tournament. Even if he brings up to 15 points, he still has 48 points. Currently, he is five points behind Chung Kwan-jang (53 points, 17 wins and 14 losses), who is ranking third, and cannot advance to the semi-playoff, which is held only when he or she has within three points. However, he will not give up even for fans who keep the pride of the defending champion and cheer for the Korea Expressway Corporation.

“I have plans to use backup players based on the existing players,” coach Kim Jong-min said. “However, the rest of the teams, including Chung Kwan-jang, are engaged in fierce competition for ranking teams. I don’t want to lose weight for no reason. Especially at home, I will do my best. I want to show my home fans an interesting game.”

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