Kim Do-young of the Kia Tigers looked back on his lackluster batting performance at the beginning of the season.

In the six games since the season’s opening, Kim had only four hits in 26 times at bat. He had only one long hit, and failed to garner a single walk, while he had 10 strikeouts. The aftermath of holding the bat later than other players due to injury continued intact early in the season. It was the opposite of last year’s performance in which he displayed growth in batting and even wore a national flag.

However, Kim successfully rebounded in April by rapidly increasing the batting pace. He reduced the number of strikeouts and stole six bases in less than half of April. Three home runs are a bonus. In the match against Hanwha in Daejeon on Sunday, Kim contributed to his team’s 8-4 victory by shooting a solo shot against the left-center field with two outs and no runners in the top of the third inning, when the game was tying 1-1.

“I felt a lot of sense of hitting,” Kim said after the match. “I participated in the event with determination to invite the runner if the runner goes out after seeing that I was placed on the third batting order today, and I’m satisfied because I think it was achieved to some extent.” Regarding the sluggish batting performance at the beginning of the season, he said, “It was difficult, but I thought it was an ordeal for me to go through. I learned a lot even in the midst of my poor performance,” adding, “(Seo) Geon-chang told me to run and get energy when things were bad.” It was a very touching remark, and while running like that, I felt a sense of hitting. It gave me a lot of strength.” 안전놀이터 추천

Recently, Kia has been increasingly burdened with depth as the number of injured has increased. It has maintained its lead position by making four consecutive wins, but the vacant seats and increased burden on the injured are considerable. Kim, who suffered two major injuries last year alone, is a player who should pay more attention to preventing injury than anyone else. “I also have anxiety as there are many injured people around me. I am paying attention to stretching before and after the game because I don’t know when to get my hamstring and calf injury,” Kim said. “However, there should not be a situation in which people are afraid of injury while playing a game. I play with the mindset that I only live today as much as I do in the stadium.” “I have even stronger desire to play full time. I will continue to play in the main league this year and try to fill the full time.”

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