Jeonbuk vs. 4 consecutive losses’ Gwangju, which team will succeed in changing the atmosphere through victory?

Jeonbuk Hyundai, which has been losing its pride with its only winless record in K League 1 and 2 along with the resignation of the manager at the beginning of the season, will bring home Gwangju, which is in crisis by recording four consecutive losses after two consecutive wins.

Jeonbuk Hyundai and Gwangju FC will play the seventh round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” at Jeonju World Cup Stadium at 2 p.m. on the 13th. Jeonbuk, the home team, is at the bottom of the league with three draws and three losses, while Gwangju, the away team, is ranking eighth in the league with two wins, four losses and six points.

Jeonbuk is leading the opponent team in overall records. With 23 face-to-face confrontations, Jeonbuk is dominating the lead with 16 wins, five draws and two losses against Gwangju. Last year, Jeonbuk continued to strengthen its position against Gwangju. It had a total of four face-to-face confrontations, recording three wins and one loss, and did not dedicate a single loss at home, and gave Gwangju a winless jinx to win in an away match against Jeonju.

Jeonbuk Breaking Up With Petrescu, Winless Record Is ‘Current Progressive’

Jeonbuk Hyundai, which had not been able to get out of the swamp of sluggishness after the league opened, finally announced its separation from coach Dan Petrescu. Jeonbuk announced its breakup on its official channel on the 6th, saying, “Coach Petrescu voluntarily resigned.” Coach Petrescu, who took the helm of Jeonbuk after taking office in the middle of last season, announced his lonely exit after breaking up with Jeonbuk in about 10 months.

Jeonbuk failed to make a reversal, allowing as many as three runs at home, in a sixth round match between Gangwon and the league that took place immediately after the coach voluntarily resigned. Veteran Kim Tae-hwan scored a penalty kick goal and Moon Seon-min scored a chase goal just before the end of the second half, chasing the rival team to the end of the match, but ended up losing 2-3 due to a series of errors in defense and noticeable physical deterioration. In the end, Jeonbuk failed to escape from the bottom due to its loss at the match against Gangwon.

Jeonbuk, which has recorded sluggish performance of three draws and three losses since the opening of the league, is collapsing after failing to hunt for victory in the sixth round as well. Jeonbuk, which was also eliminated after collapsing to its “enemy” Ulsan in the quarterfinals at the AFC Champions League, is showing the worst start ever in history. Under these circumstances, Jeonbuk, which will face coach Lee Jung-hyo’s Gwangju team at home, needs to win its first league victory.

To achieve the win, the team must improve its shaky defense no matter what. Jeonbuk ranked first in the league with the smallest number of lost points (35 points) last year despite its lackluster performance, but it is collapsing this season by exposing numerous problems in its defense. With 10 lost points in six league matches, the team is recording the disgraceful record of being the top team in lost points. In addition, Jeonbuk is swallowing a bitter smile as its key defense player Hong Jeong-ho has been sidelined due to injury.

The team is also swallowing regret for its dull offense. With only six goals in six league matches, Jeonbuk is ranking third in the lowest scoring team. This is quite the opposite of the situation in the past, when it was nicknamed “hit and hit” or “hit” for its hot attacking soccer. In the end, Jeonbuk has to completely explode its scoring capacity to win, and strikers such as Song Min-gyu, Vinicius, and Han Kyo-won must solve the problem, starting with Thiago, a solver in silence.

Gwangju, which has won two consecutive games under coach Lee Jung-hyo since the opening of the season, is also shaking with four consecutive losses this season, which clearly inflated expectations. Gwangju, which challenged the K League 1 as a promotion team last year, ended the 2023 season with a smile, ranking third in the league under coach Lee and recording the best performance in the club’s history.

In the winter transfer market, key resources such as Lee Soon-min and Aaron (Daejeon) escaped one after another, but they prepared for a gap in power by absorbing net resources such as Kim Jin-ho, Byun Jun-su, Choi Kyung-rok, Park Tae-joon and Gabriel, and the season’s start was fantastic. Gwangju, which faced the league’s opening game Seoul, won its first victory by exploding two goals with a scoreless victory, and continued its winning streak with as many as four goals in the following home game against Gangwon.

That was the end of Gwangju’s run, however. Starting with a 0-1 defeat at an away match against Pohang in the third round, the team scored the first goal but lost two goals in a row at home after the A-match break, ultimately collapsing. Even after the start of April, Gimcheon recorded 2-3 losses to Incheon and 2-1 losses to Gimcheon, and had to record four consecutive losses after two consecutive wins. After all, its ranking, which had been the lone lead in the early days of the season, has already plummeted to eighth place, eroding its pride.

In desperate need of a turnaround, Gwangju must consolidate its defense, which has been on shaky ground recently, in order to get out of its prolonged losing streak. During its six league games, Gwangju has recorded the most lost goals in the league by scoring 10 goals. This is quite contrary to the situation in which Gwangju and Jeonbuk recorded the minimum number of lost goals with 35 goals in 38 league games last year. In addition, the problem that the team has been recording lost goals in all but one of the six league games is Gwangju, which must be improved.

Gwangju City has to strengthen its shaky defense, but unfortunately, a large number of its key defense players are set to leave the team in the upcoming away match in Jeonju. Ahn Young-gyu, the core and captain of the team, was given disciplinary action to leave the team, while Alex Popovich of Australia and Byun Jun-su have been briefly away from the team due to the upcoming Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar U-23 Asian Cup. Gwangju City has to completely fill their gaps along with improving defense. 먹튀검증

Jeonbuk, which has become desperate for its first victory with the resignation of the coach, and Gwangju, which is trying to escape the losing streak, will meet. Jeonbuk, which has completely lost its pride by falling to the bottom of the league, could face a situation where it is really impossible to chase down the top ranks if it fails to win the match against Gwangju. If Gwangju also fails to hunt for victory, it can fall to 11th place, so it is imperative to earn three points.

Who will laugh at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium on Wednesday? Let’s watch their showdowns with interest.

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