Jeju Shinhwa World Casino Opens Business

In South Korea yesterday, Chinese real estate firm Landing International Development Co., Ltd. reportedly opened a 59,201-square-foot casino attached to the Shinhwa World Resort facility in Jeju.

The new foreign-only casino has been named Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Casino and sits inside the 617.7 acre Jeju Shinhwa World Marriott Resort Hotel, which offers 239 seats with 155 game tables, according to a report by ACN Newswire on Sunday.

According to reports, “The opening of Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Casino marks the full opening of Jeju Shinhwa World’s [Phase 1],” said Yang Zhihui, chairman of Hong Kong-listed Landing International Development Limited. “We are now one of the few integrated resort operators in Jeju and [Korea] that can provide visitors with a complete world-class hospitality, leisure and entertainment experience.”

According to reports, Zhihui also said his company would “focus our efforts on the operation of Jeju Shinhwa World” to make Jeju development a “tourist destination” that locals would be “proud of.”

Jeju Shinhwa World, formerly known as Shinhwa and History Park and then Resort World Jeju, is also known to provide multi-purpose convention facilities, retail zones and amusement parks with 20 rides already across seven districts. In addition, Landing International Development Limited reportedly saw the property’s 344th generation Somerset Jeju Myth World condominium complex open in April, and the upcoming second phase of development will further expand its portfolio to Lionsgate Movie World, which will offer water parks, second luxury hotels, spas and world-famous movie-themed rides. 슬롯게임

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