Jecheon Uirim rule opens

A large-scale national sports volleyball tournament will be held in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do.

According to the Jecheon Volleyball Association on the 28th, the 2nd National Men’s and Women’s Sports Volleyball Competition under the rule of Cheongpung Myeongwol Uirim will be held from 29th to 30th at seven places including Checheon Middle School. The competition will be hosted and organized by the Jecheon Volleyball Association.토토사이트넷

The size of the event has been greatly expanded. More than 1,500 players from 70 teams will participate this year, compared to 40 teams and 700 participants from the first competition last year. The event will be divided into five divisions, including the club’s three divisions (men-Yongdu Sanbu, Geumsu Sanbu, women-Uirimbu, and Cheongpung Sanbu).

9 The rules of the talent life sports volleyball game are applied, and all teams determine the winning teams by division through the tournament.

An official from Jecheon City said, “We expect that there will be many teams that will show excellent skills as we have greatly increased the size of the competition.”

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