A new sign at Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel is causing confusion and outrage.

The downtown Las Vegas property apparently has a “no color” policy.

Las Vegas TV station KSNV spoke to several people about their interpretation of the rule. Some visitors to the Fremont Street property wondered if it referred to a casino visitor’s race.

That’s up-front racists,” a man named Bryan who lives in Chicago told the TV station.

Some visitors thought the policy could refer to clothing worn in the establishment.

Is that about people not being allowed to wear color shirts or colored skin, what is that about?” an unnamed woman from Canada asked.

Others thought the policy could refer to casino games.

“Let’s say I’ve got $200 of red; they’ll give me to [sic] blacks, and you say, ‘color in.’ I don’t know what this means, though,” a man named Jim from North Carolina told KSNV.“

Rule Affects Bikers, Gangs
A more careful reading of the sign, beyond the large print words “no color policy,” reveals it relates to clothes or decals worn by gangs or motorcycle clubs.

No person while on the Fremont Street Experience properties shall exhibit apparel, accessories, or decal or endorsement of any motorcycle club, gang, association or organization,” the sign stated in smaller print.

But even that policy concerned an unnamed visitor from Idaho.

If you’re in a motorcycle club and you wear your colors. You can wear them anywhere. You should be able to,” the man said.

Although some seemed supportive of the new rule.카지노사이트존

They don’t want the club colors there because it’s like a gang,” Josh, a motorcycle enthusiast, told KSNV. “You don’t want Bloods and Crips in the same vicinity with one another.”

The man further explains that no color policy signs are sometimes seen in bars. They are shown to try to lower tension among rival motorcycle clubs. But he’s said the rule can negatively influence a stereotype of bikers.

“There’s always going to be that stigma of anybody that rides a motorcycle is in that group and that’s not true,” Josh said. “It’s just grouping us all together.”

In recent years, Fremont Street also has seen shootings and other violent crimes, leading to efforts to reduce the risk of violence.

FSE Not Responsible for Sign
When asked to comment about the sign, the Fremont Street Experience (FSE) said in a statement, “Fremont Street Experience does not influence or dictate policies for individual private properties.

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