Its Gwangju FC’s Soon-min Lee, Who is Now a Korean national Soccer Player

Gwangju Lee Soon-min “We don’t know our limits either… Everyone can dream bigger.”

Defensive midfielder, center back, fullback, if you pretend, you pretend… ‘National representative’ Lee Soon-min

“I worked hard to live in reality while dreaming.

At some point, the reality we achieved made me dream again.”

Gwangju FC’s Soon-min Lee, who is now a Korean national soccer player, expressed the situation surrounding himself and the Gwangju players in sentences like song lyrics, like a ‘rapper’.

Gwangju won the Hana One Q K League 1 at the Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium on the afternoon of the 3rd.

They defeated defending champion and leader Ulsan Hyundai 2-0 in the away game in the 29th round of 2023.

Lee Sun-min, who played for the first time as a fullback on this day and played a big role in all back areas, including as a central defender, said at the post-game press conference that he is now Gwangju’s current leader.

He said that the upward trend makes him dream of a higher stage. 안전놀이터

Soon-min Lee said, “The preconceived notions we had are breaking down as we go up one step at a time.

We start to think, ‘I can climb further,’ and ‘I can dream more.’”

He added, “The current reality allows my team members to dream bigger.”

Gwangju, which had just moved up from Division 2, caused a ‘promoted team sensation’ in the early stages and has risen to 3rd place as of mid-to-late season.

With key players such as Uhm Seong-seong, who was called up to the 23-year-old national team, and Heo Yul and Ahsani unable to play, the team went on an undefeated streak of nine consecutive games by defeating Ulsan.

After the game, coach Lee Jeong-hyo welcomed the team’s upward trend, saying, “I don’t know how far I can go.”

Lee Soon-min also added his voice, saying, ‘I don’t know the limits.’

The fact that the continued growth is surprising applies not only to Gwangju but also to Lee Sun-min himself.

On this day, Lee Soon-min blocked Ulsan’s offensive line, which boasts the league’s highest offensive power.

Ulsan’s Kim Min-hyuk, who was on a counterattack in extra time in the first half, had an opportunity to shoot with his right foot in the penalty area, but Lee Sun-min, who ran from behind, immediately occupied the space and blocked it with his body.

In the 35th minute of the second half, he kept up with Eom Won-sang, the ‘representative Junjok’ of the K-League, who penetrated the back space following Bako’s roving pass, without falling behind in the speed competition, ultimately rendering the opponent’s attack ineffective.

He originally played as a defensive midfielder, but this season, when Gwangju moved up to the first division, he fills the empty space at the back regardless of whether he is a center back or full back.

In recognition of his performance, he was recently selected to the national team led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

Born in 1994, he has made progress as a player as he approaches 30.

Lee Soon-min credited his recent performance entirely to playing in Gwangju, a team that is tightly organized tactically.

Soon-min Lee said, “There are a lot of preparations and promised movements as a team.

No matter what position I enter, I just have to focus on my role in an organized situation.

All players say that.

Even in unfamiliar positions, good results can be achieved. ” “That’s why we can create it,” he explained.

He continued, “There were times when we didn’t accumulate many points.

Our strength comes from the ‘process,’” adding, “Our team, players,

“That is the result,” he said.

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