Its Asan Woori Bank Women’s Basketball Coach Wi Sung-woo

Woori Bank Director Wisung-Woo Wi: “I learned a lesson… Ji-Hyun Park’s growth is rewarding”

‘MVP’ Toyota Yasuma “I want to come to Korea with the prize money”

Asan Woori Bank women’s basketball coach Wi Sung-woo, who finished the Park Shin-ja Cup international competition as a runner-up, said, “I learned a lesson,” and “I am grateful to the players who worked hard.”

Woori Bank bowed to Japan’s Toyota Antelopes 65-72 in the finals of the tournament held at Cheongju Gymnasium in North Chungcheong Province on the 3rd.

In an interview after the game, Coach Wi Sang-woo said, “It would have been better if we had won,” and praised the players, saying, “The players who worked hard are much better than me.”

Coach Wi looked back and said, “In a competition like this (not the regular league), participation can actually be meaningful, but I never did anything half-hearted,” and added, “I think I learned a lot from the game against Toyota.”

He continued, “I hope that next year, a high-quality team will come and the Park Shin-ja Cup will be of great help to the players and coaches.” 온라인카지노

On this day, Woori Bank played the fourth quarter with only six players, including Danbi Kim (22 points), Jihyun Park (15 points), Lee Samm Choi (12 points), Seunghee Yoo (11 points), Yunjeong Na (5 points), and Hyunji Noh.

Coach Wi Sang-woo said, “There were many injured players before the competition.

I think it is ultimately the coach’s responsibility to rehabilitate the players.”

He then looked back and said, “I am sorry that we played a game that was not typical of the finals, but I am satisfied that no players were seriously injured.”

Coach Wi praised Park Ji-hyun, who played the entire court for 40 minutes that day and recorded 15 points and 8 rebounds.

Coach Wi Sang-woo said, “I feel that Park Ji-hyun is growing into a key player in women’s basketball,” and added, “She showed quite good performance during training camp in Japan, and it seems like that trend has continued.”

He added, “Park Ji-hyun is now 23 years old, and while she was clueless when she was younger, she seems to be showing herself more now.

I feel rewarded because she seems to have grown into a mature player with a good personality.”

Regarding Yoo Seung-hee, who transferred from Incheon Shinhan Bank, he said, “His attitude of trying to blend in with the team stands out.

In this tournament, he plays defense tenaciously, does not shy away from difficult tasks, and is clearly aware of his role.”

He added, “He does not shy away from critical moments. “I also rate it highly,” he said.

Toyota coach Yuko Oga expressed her feelings, saying, “Thanks to the invitation to the tournament, I am grateful for the opportunity to grow with the young players. It feels good to avenge the loss in the first game in the final.”

Shiori Yasuma, who won the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), commented, “I learned something about the Korean players’ plays that open up space.

The season is about to start, and I think I’ve grown through the tournament.”

Yasuma said of Ji-Hyun Park, “It was difficult because she has a good physique.

She is an excellent player in all aspects, including 3 points, rebounds, passing, and penetration,” and expressed anticipation, “If I have a chance to match up again, I would like to do it.”

Regarding Heo Ye-eun (KB), who was her opponent in the semi-finals the previous day, he said, “She is not relatively tall, but her passing was very good,” and “she seems to know how to use big men well.”

Regarding the MVP prize of 2 million won, he smiled brightly and said, “I want to come to Korea to have fun,” and then added, “The food is delicious and there are a lot of friendly people.

The Korean language is also very pretty.”

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