Injured’ Kane – Missing team training – Neuer muscle injury – Unsolicited national team call-up

Harry Kane was absent from the England national team training. Manuel Neuer was called up from the German national team due to a muscle injury. Bayern is on alert.

Howell’s news included information that Bayern had never wanted to hear.

“Jordan Henderson, Kane, Cole Palmer, and Bukayo Saka conducted individual training indoors,” Howell said. Kane is presumed to be excluded from the team’s training due to his ankle injury.

Kane injured his ankle in the 26th round of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season against Darmstadt, which took place on the 16th. Kane was playing hard to help Jamal Musiala score an equalizer and even scored a come-from-behind goal himself.

However, in the 34th minute of the second half, Mussiala attempted a chip shot from the penalty box and hit the post. Kane then penetrated into the goalpost and attempted a shot to tuck the spilled ball into it. Kane, who could not locate the goalpost, strongly hit his ankle on the post. Kane complained of tremendous pain and immediately called for medical attention towards the bench.

Medical staff rushed to monitor Kane’s condition, but he was no longer able to play. In the end, Kane was replaced by Maxim Chupo Motting and finished the match. After the match, Bayern announced on its official website that “Kane sustained an injury in his left ankle in the match against Darmstadt. Nevertheless, Kane has now moved to the English national team. He is receiving treatment from English medical staff and is in close consultation with Bayern’s medical department.”토토사이트

Kane appeared to have joined the English national team due to his not-so-serious condition, but his injury is considered to be worse than expected. England will play friendly matches with world-class powerhouses Brazil and Belgium during the A-match in March. If Kane cannot play both games due to injury, Bayern will face its biggest crisis at the end of the season.

The match against Dortmund is played as soon as the A-match break is over. It has no meaning if it is not a victory for Bayern as it has not given up hope of a come-from-behind victory. On April 10th, he will leave Arsenal for a European Champions League (UCL) quarterfinal match. Kane has been an Arsenal bomber since he was at Tottenham, so he is a player who must not be missed.

Kane, who has scored 37 goals and 12 assists this season alone, is a resource that cannot be replaced even in Bayern, the world’s strongest. Even if Kane is sick because Bayern is aiming to win the UCL, he should return to 100% of his physical condition before the away match against Arsenal.

The bigger problem than Kane is Neuer. Neuer suffered a muscle injury while training for the German national team. He decided to return to Bayern directly because he could not play in the A-match this March. Neuer, who was born in 1986, has no choice but to be slow to recover. If Neuer does not come out, Sven Ulaihi is expected to play. Ulaihi is also a good player, but he is not a player with as much presence as Neuer.

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