Initially, British media including the Sun reported that Ratcliffe sent a full email to Manchester United employees.

He pointed out the lack of cleanliness of the club’s facilities and surroundings. Ratcliffe was shocked at the lack of cleanliness when he visited Manchester United facilities. In particular, Ratcliffe’s e-mails pointed out that the locker rooms of the Manchester United under-18 and under-21 teams were not clean.
“Manchester United’s standards were lower than Ratcliffe had expected. Some Manchester United employees were shocked by Ratcliffe’s e-mails. Some employees also claimed improvement was needed,” he added.

The content is sufficient as an owner to ask for cleaning, keeping the stadium and training site clean. However, nothing shocking has been reported. The full text of Ratcliffe’s e-mail was released by British Guardian. This could be considered as a “gapjil.” 토토사이트넷

The media reported, “Ratcliffe ended Manchester United’s work-from-home policy. Ratcliffe ordered all Manchester United employees to come to the office. And it pointed out the cleanliness of the club’s infrastructure.” 

In fact, Ratcliffe’s mail said, “I’ve toured some facilities. I’m shocked by the clutter. I’m scared. Honestly, the cleanliness of the IT department, the U-18 and U-21 locker rooms was not very good. It wasn’t close to what we expected. United is an elite sports organization. In many ways, even the smallest things have to have standards and discipline. Otherwise, you can’t succeed.” 

“I would appreciate it if we could maintain satisfactory cleanliness going forward. When new players, visitors, young players’ parents, and the media see our current situation, knowing that we are not interested in maintaining cleanliness will adversely affect the club. If you don’t like the policy we have put forward, look for another job,” he wrote.

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