How good is Kim Yeon-kyung’s clutch ability?

Kim Yeon-kyung sharing her joy with junior players.

Heungkuk Life Insurance was in a match point crisis when it allowed an open attack to Seung-ju Pyo (32) in a 14-14 deuce situation in the 5th set of a professional volleyball match against Hwaseong on the 4th.

In addition, the home team IBK Industrial Bank server was a foreign player, Abercrombie (29).

In the women’s division, Abercrombie is the player who reduces the opponent’s serve reception efficiency (28.9%) the most among players who have made more than 100 serves this season.

Fortunately for Heungkuk Life Insurance, libero Park Soo-yeon (21) accurately flew the ball over the head of setter Lee Won-jeong (24).

Then, Kim Yeon-kyung (36) succeeded in a timing attack, making it 15-15 deuce again.

Kim Yeon-kyung later succeeded in two opens in a row, ultimately giving her team a 17-15 victory.

Match point for the Hwaseong game on the 4th.

Sports fans often describe players with such strong competitive skills as having ‘excellent clutch skills.’

And currently, the player with the best clutch ability in professional volleyball is the ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung.

To find out, we first need to define what cases can be called ‘clutch situations’.

Volleyball is basically a game where the first team to score 25 points wins, except for the 5th set, which can be called a ‘tie breaker’.

And every rally must end with one team scoring.

To sum up, it would not be far wrong to call a clutch situation when both teams have scored more than 20 points in sets 1 to 4 and the score difference is less than 2 points.

In fact, the team is stronger because clutch situations are rare.

In this situation, Kim Yeon-kyung attempted a total of 82 attacks and succeeded 44 of them (53.7%).

On the other hand, the only time they gave up a point to the opposing team was on October 22 last year when they were blocked by Pepper Savings Bank Yasmin (28) in a 20-22 situation in the second set of a home game.

If we calculate the attack efficiency with this, we get 0.524.

In this situation, none of the players who attempted attacks more than 41 times recorded a 50% attack success rate. 카지노사이트랭크

Since Kim Yeon-kyung attempted 82 attacks in this situation, half of that number, 41, was used as the standard.

In this clutch situation, only Abercrombie (No. 90) had more attack attempts than Kim Yeon-kyung.

In the 5th set, Kim Yeon-kyung becomes even more fearsome.

With both teams scoring more than 12 points and within a 2-point gap, Kim Yeon-kyung attempted 9 attacks and scored 7 of them (77.8%).

In this situation, the margin of error was absolutely zero (0).

However, just looking at Kim Yeon-kyung’s case, it is true that such situations are very rare.

Combining sets 1 to 5, Kim Yeon-kyung attempted 91 attacks in clutch situations and succeeded in scoring 51 times (56.0%), giving up points to the opposing team only once (attack efficiency 0.549).

In this clutch situation, only Abercrombie (No. 100) had more attack attempts than Kim Yeon-kyung, and the efficiency was 0.320. 섯다

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