Head Coach Thomas Tuchel 30 Minutes ‘Phone Persuasion’

Tuchel 30 Minutes ‘Phone Persuasion’ → Dragusin Transfer ‘Shock Story’

Despite ultimately losing the transfer battle, Bayern Munich tried their best.

Head coach Thomas Tuchel even personally called Radu Dragucin (Tottenham Hotspur) and engaged in a lengthy persuasion campaign.

On June 26 (local time), the British publication Sports Witness published an interview with Dragucin’s agent Florin Manea, who revealed the story behind the Tottenham transfer. 카지노

Manea said, “Bundesliga giants Munich made a late offer to beat Tottenham in the race for the player.

Tuchel worked hard to convince Dragucin to reject Spurs.”

“We had an offer from Munich for a few days.

“We asked Munich to give us one night to think about it, but I had already committed to Tottenham.

But he had already committed to Tottenham.”

Thomas Tuchel called Dragucin personally,” Manéa said.

They talked for half an hour,” says Manea, “and I could hear the whole conversation.

Tuchel asked Dragusin if he could also play right-back defense,” Manea emphasized.

He insists that Tuchel’s efforts did not change Dragucin’s mind because he had already chosen Spurs.

Earlier, shortly after signing for Spurs, Mané said: “After I decided to go to Tottenham, I was on my way to the airport when an offer came from Munich.

“It was Tottenham’s decision for Dragucin and his family,” he said, adding, “Maybe in the future Dragucin can reach Munich.

“It’s a big shock for him to turn down Munich, but he will be happy to go to Tottenham.

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