Griffin’s return this season is unlikely to happen.

Derrick White and Peyton Pritz of the Boston Celtics appeared on the podcast “Pardon My Take” on the 27th (Korean time). 토토사이트 추천

The Boston Celtics are a team that has been considered a strong favorite this season. It is the best performing team in the league at this point and has held the top spot in the Eastern Conference for several years.

Although the team is still building strong potential, the players are desperate to make up for the shortfall as it is a good time to win. Appearing on the show, White and Pritchard talked about their courtship with Blake Griffin, their former teammate. However, Griffin is unlikely to join the team despite the persuasion of his former teammates.

Peyton Pritchard wrote, “I don’t know. We’re begging him. A week ago, I jokingly texted Blake Griffin, ‘Are you coming back to burn it down for the last time?’ and he said he was enjoying his life.”

White also replied, “I think all of our team members were courting Griffin.”

Griffin, who was the top draft pick in 2009, is a big man who showed off his explosive athletic ability. He has experience six times as an All-Star, three times as an All-NBA second team, and two times as a third team, and became the Dunk King in the All-Star Game.

However, Griffin, who had a lot of foundation in athletic ability, lost his career earlier than expected after suffering from frequent injuries. Since the end of his time in Detroit, Griffin has never shown what he used to be like before, and after moving to Brooklyn, he transformed into a flounder that deals with unpleasant matters rather than fancy plays.

During the last season as a member of the Boston Red Sox, his position significantly decreased compared to his prime time, recording 4.1 points and 3.8 rebounds. However, he spoke out for his teammates in the locker room or off the court. It seems that Griffin had some value in the Boston team.

After the end of the last season, Griffin stopped playing professional basketball because he is not affiliated with any club. Although he has not officially announced his retirement, there is a high possibility that he will end his career as he is.

Rumors surfaced last year that he would renew his contract with the Boston Red Sox during the offseason, but Griffin put importance on life with his family. He has a strong will to focus on spending time with his family instead of playing as a player. Coach Joe Mazula and his team members’ persuasion also failed to change his mind.

Boston manager Joe Mazula also said, “When Blake Griffin told me family was important, I stopped talking about returning. Because I know what it means to be away from family.”

Griffin, who was connected by phone on the show, once again drew a line on his return but cheered for his former team Boston.

Griffin said, “I still talk to my former teammates quite a bit. But I’m enjoying my life right now,” adding that he doesn’t mean much to return.

“I want Boston to win. I don’t want to put in bad spirits, but Boston’s victory is the story I want the most in my heart,” he added.

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