Extremely aged wine edition

Researchers have found traces of 6,000-year-old wine in a 6,000-year-old jar from Sicily, antedating archaeologists’ previous guess that winemaking had developed in Italy only 3,000 years ago.

Not only have Italians apparently been making wine for longer than we’d thought, they’ve apparently also been putting it in jars for quite a while. The jar in question, however, is made of copper, rather than being a jam jar, so it’s not that trendy. Possibly the Italians developed wine before they developed jam. At any rate, it’s still fancier than a box, which is what our wine comes in most of the time.

The researchers weren’t able to tell if the wine was red or white, which is unfortunate, if only because it indicates that there wasn’t enough left for them to drink any of it, either, and people eating terrifyingly old food is always an interesting story. Archaeologists seem to mostly be too responsible to eat things they find in the field, but less scientifically scrupulous idiots have pulled off stunts like eating quarter-of-a-million-year-old mammoth, and there’s a number of apocryphal stories floating around of people digging into ancient jars of honey that turned out to have mummified people in them.

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