“Expects to expand the basketball base and revitalize the local economy.”

“We hope that our efforts will lead to the expansion of the basketball base and revitalization of the regional game.”

Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon State, is commonly known as one of the population extinction areas. However, it has recently become a 3×3 holy site. It is showing such an active movement and is producing remarkable results.

Hongcheon-gun, which formed a cooperative relationship with KXO in the 2020s, is hosting the Hongcheon Challenger in October last year, the 2024 ASIAN Youth Basketball Super Cup in February this year, and now the Hongcheon Challenger.

Hong has significant implications in the reality of Korean basketball, which is slower to develop 3×3 than other countries. KXO has also laid a solid foundation for its active support.

Shin Young-jae, governor of Hongcheon-gun, said, “We are trying to make Hongcheon-gun the center of basketball through this Hongcheon Challenger. I hope our efforts will serve as an opportunity to develop and grow the base of Korean basketball.”
“Our county is an area where the population disappears, and conditions are difficult. However, through these sports games, we are trying to attract various competitions and promote regional games. I am grateful that many basketball players and fans loved and participated in the first day of the rain, which gave me strength,” he added.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism selected the Hongcheon Challenger as a target project in a public contest to support international competitions held by local governments, and provided 200 million won in state funds. As a result, Hongcheon-gun and the Hongcheon-gun Sports Council have firmly established the driving force for successful hosting of the event.

Governor Shin Young-jae said, “We have recently been selected as a contestant by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and we plan to continue this event for the next three years. We ask for your participation and interest. Hongcheon-gun will also do its best.”토토사이트

From Hongcheon-gun’s point of view, it is very helpful that international competitions such as the Hongcheon Challenger are held steadily. Above all, it cannot be ignored that the local economy is revitalized.

“If we actually host various games and competitions, many executives and players will stay in the area to eat and sleep,” said Mayor Shin Young-jae. “Then, we will get to know Hongcheon-gun better through direct economic effects as well as visits to local tourist attractions and attractions,” he said. “We will continue to try to create Hongcheon-gun mania by holding various competitions.”

Meanwhile, Hongcheon is becoming the representative training site for the world’s 3×3 teams. Recently, the French 3×3 team stayed for a week to prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympics, while the Puerto Rico 3×3 team (San Juan) also prepared for the 2024 Paris Olympics for a week starting from June 6.

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