Delacrus’ unique ‘hard work’

Cincinnati shortstop Eli Deracruz (22) said he is learning Japanese because he wants to talk to Shohei Ohtani (30, LA Dodgers) ahead of his first All-Star Game.

“I’m studying Japanese because I want to talk to Otani,” MLB’s official social media X said at a press conference on Tuesday. “I can actually speak it. I don’t know if it will happen, but I’m doing my best,” he said with a smile. When asked how much he could do, he said “a little bit,” but his interest in Otani seems clear. Deracruz was named the All-Star for the first time in the National League’s shortstop fan vote, and will be part of a feast of the stars.

Delacroos’ interest in Ohtani has drawn much attention since early on. In a showdown held at LA Angel Stadium in August last year, he hit a double and tapped Ohtani on the base to make fun of him. “Ohtani is amazing. I like how he plays. I am his big fan,” he said in an interview after the game with the Los Angeles Dodgers in May.토토사이트 꽁머니

Delacroos, who had a special meeting with Ohtani at the All-Star Game, set a new record in the game against Colorado on Saturday. Starting as the second shortstop, Delacroos made two hits, one RBI, two runs, one walk, and two steals from three times at bat. Notably, he made two steals and finished the first half with 45. He is the first in the Cincinnati Reds history. He is the third in the Major League after Ricky Henderson in 1986 and Kenny Lofton in 1994.

Meanwhile, the 2024 Major League All-Star Game will be held at Globe Life Field, Texas’ home stadium, on the 17th.

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