The Jeonnam Provincial Office of Education has asked frontline schools to postpone experiential learning in order to secure buses for the National Games, which will begin in Jeonnam in October. According to the Jeonnam Provincial Office of Education on the 18th, it recently received a request for cooperation from Jeonnam-do to support the transport of athletes and sent a letter to 614 schools in the province asking them to change the schedule of experiential learning, survival swimming, camping training activities, and school trips to before or after the competition period. Penalties for contract cancellations will be supported by the Ministry of Education. The national championships will be held from 13-19 October in Mokpo and other areas of Jeollanam-do, with more than 30,000 athletes expected to participate .To transport them, 67 to 115 buses are needed on a daily basis, but Jeollanam-do is having difficulty securing buses, so it asked the provincial education office for cooperation. The provincial education office sent a letter to frontline schools and rescheduled experiential learning for 33 schools in nine cities and counties, securing 147 chartered buses. The National Teachers’ Union and local politicians reacted to the MOE’s decision to reschedule the trips. “Experiential activities are prepared as early as a year in advance, at least several months in advance, and vehicle contracts are finalised,” the Jeonnam branch of the National Education Association said in a recent statement. “The fact that the education office, which is in charge of education administration, sent a letter requesting the rescheduling of experiential learning so easily shows how lightly it views experiential learning.”Jeonnam Provincial Assembly Member Park Hyung-dae (Progressive Party-Jangheung 1) also issued a statement on the same day, saying, “It is one thing for Jeonnam Province to hold an important event and fail to prepare transport measures until just before the event, but it is completely unacceptable for the provincial education office to cause chaos in the academic calendar.” “Jeonnam Province and the education office should apologise for passing on the shortage of transport buses to students,” he urged. “The change to experiential learning is not compulsory, and we only asked schools to cooperate where possible,” said an official from Jeonnam Province. “There have been no complaints so far, but we apologise 스포츠토토링크 for not being able to reduce the confusion.”

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