Austin Dean at $1.3 million, but different starting thresholds?

Austin Dean at $1.3 million, but different starting thresholds?

Currently, only two foreign batters are under contract, Austin of the LG Twins and Ronnie Dawson of the Kiwoom Heroes. Most teams have opted to replace them, while others are still in negotiations. The KIA Tigers are in talks to re-sign Socrates Brito, while the SSG Landers are in talks with Guillermo Heredia. The Doosan Bears have not yet folded their cards on re-signing Jose Rojas as they look for a new bat. The KT Wiz have re-signed Mel Rojas Jr. from their former glory days.

Socrates and Heredia are continuing to work out their differences with the club as they negotiate. In the professional world, disagreements often come down to money.

One could argue that the re-signing of LG Austin is a reference point. Austin is the man who revolutionized the franchise’s long-awaited championship after 29 years. LG hasn’t had much luck with foreign hitters for several seasons. Whether they underperformed, were sidelined by injury, or just didn’t have a strong enough presence on the team.

But Austin’s fighting spirit lifted the team’s spirits, and he became the first LG foreigner to win a Golden Glove. It was the third Golden Glove for a first baseman in LG’s history, 바카라사이트 after Kim Sang-hoon in 1990 and Seo Yong-bin in 1994.

Austin signed a new contract for a total of $1.3 million ($300,000 down payment, $800,000 salary, $200,000 incentive). It may seem relatively cheap (?) considering his merits.

However, it should be compared to his salary this year.

Austin was signed by LG a year ago for a total of $700,000 ($100,000 signing bonus, $400,000 salary, $200,000 incentive). Compared to Heredia and Socrates, both of whom have major league careers, he started for a relatively small amount of money and nearly doubled his salary after winning this year.

The same can be said for Dawson, who re-signed with Keum. Because he played in an independent league, Dawson was only worth $85,000 when he was picked up as a replacement during the 2023 season, and his contract jumped sevenfold to $600,000 when he re-signed.

In the end, the re-signing fee for a foreign player is not a relative value, but an absolute value based on the contractual situation of the club and the individual.

The KIA Tigers are in positive talks with Socrates to re-sign him. The current assessment is that the two sides are not far apart. If Socrates re-signs, it will be his third consecutive season with KIA. Socrates re-signed last year for a total of $1.1 million ($300,000 signing bonus, $500,000 salary, $300,000 incentive).

If he re-signs for a second time, his total salary is not expected to increase significantly compared to this year.

However, the terms are expected to be different in terms of the option to earn incentives. A KIA team official said, “Socrates is a player who gets along well with his teammates and has a good impact on the team. I don’t think it’s easy to find a better hitter. The possibility of re-signing him is very high, and there is not much difference of opinion. We’re just working out the details of the options,” he said of the current situation.

SSG Landers, on the other hand, are also in talks with Heredia to re-sign him, but have yet to fully close the gap. For Heredia, a raise is a certainty, as his salary this year is over the $1 million cap for new foreign players. In Heredia’s case, he’s likely to exceed Austin’s offer sheet. 실시간 바카라사이트 The two sides are still working out the kinks, but if he does re-sign, it’s expected to be at a higher price point than Austin’s.

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