Argentina wins Day 1 6-match chicken…tops total leaderboard

Argentina tops the Total Leaderboard on Day 1 of ‘PNC 2021’

On the 15th, Crafton hosted the first day of the Battlegrounds esports tournament ‘PNC 2023’.

Day 1’s six matches were held in Erangel.

The first team eliminated in this match was Thailand, who were wiped out after failing to cross the first magnetic field.

They were followed by India, Canada, Australia, and South Korea. By the sixth magnetic field, more than half of the teams had left the battlefield.

The top four of the match were eliminated in the seventh magnetic field. Vietnam, the United States, Denmark, and Argentina were the only teams left standing at the end of Match 6, and they were the last of the four teams to take home the last chicken of Day 1.

With all matches played on Day 1, Argentina is at the top of the midterm Total Leaderboard with 63 points.

They are followed by Germany in second place with 57 points, the United States in third place with 50 points, South Korea in fourth place with 49 points, and Denmark in fifth 사설토토 place, tied with South Korea with 49 points but lacking one ranking point.

Meanwhile, all matches of the PNC 2023 will begin at 6 p.m. and will be streamed live on the official YouTube, Twitch, Africa TV, Naver TV, and TikTok channels of Battlegrounds Esports.

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