Announced concerns sparked by political conflicts between South Korea and the People’s Republic of China.

Landing celebrated the debut of 342 service apartments in March this year as part of a $2.6 billion project. In fact, by 2013, as the relationship between the two current competitors heats up, it has decided to establish a casino venture in the Asia-Pacific region. But this year, the situation has changed dramatically, freezing relations between the two powers again.

Chinese Government Opposition to Korea’s Gambling Operations
“The recently opened Shinhwa theme park has already decreased slightly due to the ban, but Jeju Shinhwa World is expected to become Korea’s second integrated resort,” Landing International Chief Operating Officer Jay Ipoy told reporters in South China Morning Post.

Lee explained that the company expects equal profitability of gambling and non-gambling activities. However, the ban on Chinese tourists may damage the company’s casino operations because not all casinos in Korea are allowed to accommodate locals in their game centers. Nevertheless, Lee shared that the company is targeting markets in many other countries, including Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

The opening of the Shinhwa Theme Park this Saturday drew the attention of attendees with an interesting and fun program, and the entire complex is expected to be completed in earnest in 2019, and the current operator will work on a second phase project, the final step in building a landing resort.


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