Ahn Se-young, Japan’s Yamaguchi, ranked first in the world

Soo-hyun Bang wins gold medals in both the Olympics and Asian Games

Ahn Sei-young became world number one in the women’s singles when she won the Japan Open at the end of last month. Ahn Se-young took down Akane Yamaguchi (Japan), who had been in first place since September 6 last year, to second place.

https://displayad.zum.com/NetInsight/html/zum/news/newspage@newszum_pc_250Ahn Se-young rose to the top of the badminton women’s singles in 4 years and 5 months after first obtaining a world ranking score on February 15, 2018 and ranking 1335th.

In 11 international competitions (individuals) she participated this year, she won 7 championships, 3 runners-up and 3rd place once, accumulating her ranking points and surpassing Yamaguchi, who was her number one player.

Among Korean singles players, the last player before Ahn Se-young to be ranked No. 1 in the world was Son Wan-ho (Miryang City Hall), who was named No. Ahn Se-young is the first female singles player since Bang Soo-hyeon (September 1996).

Ahn Se-young has jumped to world No. 1, but there are still steps left to match Bang Soo-hyun’s performance.

Bang Soo-hyun is a Korean women’s badminton legend in name and reality. Bang Soo-hyun won a silver medal in women’s singles at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and a gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Even at the world championships she won silver in 1993 and bronze in 1995.

In addition, she and Bang Soo-hyun won two gold medals at the Asian Games. She won gold medals in both the women’s singles and women’s team event.

Bang Soo-hyun is the first and only Korean badminton singles player to be inducted into the World Badminton Federation Hall of Fame in 2019.

Compared to Bang Soo-hyun, Ahn Se-young is still in the stage of solidifying her position.

Ahn Se-young will participate in the World Badminton Individual Championships to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark at the end of this month. Her ranking score of 13,000 is at stake in this tournament. If Ahn Se-young loses the win to another top-ranked player in this event, she needs to perform as much as she may have to step down from the top spot in one month.

She could also cement her position as world No. 1 if she performs well at the Asian Games in Hangzhou next month and the Olympics in Paris next July.


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