3-point shooting success rate of 19%’ Lawson and SK also suffered from difficulties in shooting

Lawson scored 16 points. However, the success rate of field pitching was only 27 percent and the success rate of three-point shooting was only 25 percent.

Wonju DB lost 68-76 against Seoul SK in the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball League held at Jamsil Students’ Gymnasium on Tuesday. It lost for the first time in the second half of the year and failed to secure four consecutive wins.

DB is the best team of the season. It’s been very good since the beginning of the season and continues this momentum in the second half. His season record is 26 wins and 6 losses.

At the center are Didrick Lawson (206 cm, F) and Ethan Albano (185 cm, G). The two players are the main pillars of the DB, and they are the core of offense. Lawson plays an average of 32 minutes per game, scoring 22.3 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 4.8 assists, while Albano plays an average of 32 minutes, scoring 15.9 points and 6.9 assists.

Enemies who encounter DB always keep the two players in check. The same was true for SK manager Jeon Hee-chul. In an interview before the game, he said, “We have only Warnie in our team. However, there are Lawson and Albano in the DB. That’s why it’s hard to stop. Still, we have to stop him.”

Lawson’s strong points are shooting ability and passing ability. This is why he is selected as the best forward foreign player in the league. In the first round, he made 2.6 shots while shooting 7.6 three-pointers per game. The success rate was 34 percent. However, Lawson’s shooting ability has gradually declined since then. Notably, in the fourth round, the average rate dropped to 20.8 percent.

However, DB manager Kim Joo-sung said, “He is a player who always trains hard. He is trying to improve his condition,” instilling confidence in Lawson.

Contrary to what Kim said, Lawson failed to regain his sense of shooting ability even at the game against SK Wyverns. He aggressively launched offensive from the first quarter. However, he ignored all four of his three shots he attempted. Notably, he failed to make three-point shots for 10 consecutive times since the last game, missing two three-point shots.

In the second quarter, Lawson actively attempted to shoot, too. However, the shooting was not accurate. Both of the attempted 3-pointers failed. Lawson finally made his 3-pointer 1:47 before the end of the quarter. It was his first success in 12 attempts. After finding the hang of it, Lawson made another 3-pointer in his next attack. He made two 3-pointers in a short period of time.

Lawson had only a 36% first-half fielding success rate. He attempted 11 shots, but only 4 rims.

Lawson also had trouble shooting in the second half. All five shots he attempted early in the third quarter turned a blind eye to the rim. He attempted to shoot from mid-range, but even the shot was short. Then, DB manager Kim Joo-sung gave Lawson a break through replacement.

Lawson returned after taking a break of 3:06 and gained strength under the basket. He grabbed an offensive rebound and created space for teammates. However, he failed to score in person.

DB faced the third quarter with a score of 51-67. It needed multiple points to catch up. In addition, Lawson had to revive himself in order to score. Lawson targeted the mid-range rather than the perimeter score. In fact, he contributed to the team’s offense by scoring four points differently from the third quarter.

However, he made a mistake at a valuable moment. In addition, he failed to create a goal to close the gap. Three minutes and three seconds before the end of the game, there was even an air ball in a 10-point situation.

Even at the most important moment, Lawson’s shot was wrong. He also failed to secure the rebound. As such, DB lost the game without continuing its winning streak.


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