2005 Cheongdae met in Daejeon round and round

The main characters are Ryu Hyun-jin and Lee Jae-won. Ryu Hyun-jin, who played as the fourth batter and ace at Dongsan High School, led the team to the Blue Dragon Championship in 2005. Incheon High School catcher Lee Jae-won was considered the most outstanding catcher at the time. For the SK Wyverns (former of the SSG Landers), the affiliated team at the time, it was quite regrettable that they both appeared at the same time. However, it was also true that there were considerable internal concerns over whether or not Ryu, who had surgery experience, would choose the preferred choice. In the end, their choice was Lee Jae-won, but there was a part that the affiliated team could not help, even if we look back on the time.

It was somewhat buried because Ryu Hyun-jin played as the national team ace, but Lee Jae-won was also able to get a large amount of money through the FA thanks to his steady role. Although the two had to live mixed lives, they are also indispensable when discussing Incheon baseball in 2005. They attracted more attention because they were players representing local rivals Dongsan High School and Incheon High School.

The two met again in Daejeon, not their hometown. It wasn’t until their 19th year as high school seniors in 2005 that they tried to become professional players. The two led the national youth team to second place with a battery in 2005, but they never wore the same uniform in a professional league.

Of course, the fate of the two faces in Daejeon is quite different. Ryu Hyun-jin, who came back from conquering the Major League, can expect double-digit wins again this year as the ace of his team, while Lee Jae-won has to stay in the dugout as Choi Jae-hoon’s backup catcher. However, since only one catcher cannot play full time, there is an opportunity to see the two “old golden batteries” anytime during the season. It is worth looking forward to seeing whether the friends from his hometown can instill the “winner DNA” in Hanwha, which was in the bottom ranks.


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