1,067,850 won from fans’ sales of character products.

A total of 2,067 won was designated and deposited at the Yeoncheon County Youth Counseling and Welfare Center. 스포츠토토

Kim Ji-won, who planned to sell character products, said, “I made Choi Soo-hyun character goods in support of Choi Soo-hyun and planned to donate money for youth in Yeoncheon-gun, although the proceeds from the sale were small, but Choi Soo-hyun added the deposit and it became more meaningful.”

Choi Soo-hyun, the main character of the fundraising, said, “I heard that the fans who support me are doing good things, and I joined because I wanted to sympathize with the purpose and do good things together. I especially donated it to Yeoncheon-gun, the hometown of the team, and I hope it will be used for a good purpose for teenagers in the district.”

Choi Soo-hyun led the team to a unified victory in the Gyeonggi-do League of the independent baseball team as the captain of Yeoncheon Miracle, and is a member of the “strongest monsters” in JTBC’s strongest baseball program.

Yeoncheon Miracle is a club that provides harmony and enjoyment in the local community through baseball, such as running classes for Little Baseball and hobby sports clubs with independent baseball teams with the support of Yeoncheon-gun County, and continues to strengthen win-win cooperation with local governments.

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