Letessenbet Zidei (25, Ethiopia), who helped Sifan Hassan (30, Netherlands) up after she fell during the women’s 10,000-meter final at the World Athletics Championships, has been named the winner of the 2023 World Athletics Fair Play Award.”Zidei received the most votes from the Fair Play Award Selection Committee and fans,” WADA said on Tuesday (Aug. 10).In the women’s 10,000m final at the Budapest 2023 World Championships on August 20 at the Budapest National Stadium in Hungary, Hasan was leading when she fell with 20 meters to go.As the bell rang for the final lap (400 meters), Hassan, Gudaf Tsugei (26), Zidei, and Ezgayehu Taye (23-USA, Ethiopia) sped up to form the lead group.Entering the final straight, Hassan broke away, followed closely by Tsugei.Twenty meters before the finish, Tsugei and Hassan’s arms touched, and Hassan fell.

Tsugei was the first to cross the finish line in 31:27.18, followed by Jidei in 31:28.16 and Taye in 31:28.31.Hassan had some bad luck at the finish line, finishing 11th (31:53.35).Silver medalist Zidei did not perform any ceremonies, but waited for him at the finish line.He then hugged and consoled him.It was a moment that has been replayed by many athletics fans.Zidei, who won the Fair Play Award, said: “My heart broke when he fell. Everyone can’t be happy, but I don’t feel happy when someone else is unhappy,” said Zidei, who won the award. “I still feel pain when I think about Hassan’s fall at the 무료슬롯게임 World Championships 10,000 meters. However, it feels good to receive the Fair Play Award.”

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