“Wide Angle with Bang Shin-bang Screen Golf Challenge” on the 19th

The “Wide Angle with Bang Shin-sil Screen Golf Challenge” is an event held through network play, the unique technology of the golf zone, and the nation’s leading golf wear companies Wide Angle and Golf Zone are designed to provide domestic golf fans with a special screen golf round with professional golfers. 안전놀이터

Sponsored by Wide Angle, Bang Shin-sil has won the 11th KLPGA E1 Charity Open in 2023 and the KLPGA Dongbu Construction Korea Land Trust Championship since her professional debut in 2022. With her powerful shots, she ranked No. 1 in the long shot category.

The game will be held on the course of the “Dongbu Construction Korea Land Trust Championship,” where Bang Shin-sil won the title last year with 18-hole stroke play. Bang Shin-sil will play at the Golf Zone Seoul Media Studio on the day, and members who want to participate in the competition will participate in the game in network play mode at Golf Zone Park stores nationwide where two-vision golf simulators are installed. The name of the network play room is “Wide Angle Screen Challenge,” which allows up to 2,000 people to participate.

A total of 100 people, 70 of the participants and 30 of the viewers, will receive a wide-angle brand product worth 10 million won as a prize. The game will be broadcast live on the YouTube Golf Zone channel.

Sohn Jang-soon, managing director of the golf zone’s media division, said, “We will continue to present special event competitions to give a glimpse of the screen golf skills of professionals who are active on tours at home and abroad through collaboration with various domestic companies and contribute to the development of screen golf tours and the development of the golf industry.”

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