Why Florida is the United States’ leading exporter of dumb criminal news stories is a subject of some debate

Anyway, this week’s dumb criminal tried to rob a dollar store in Daytona Beach. When his robbery attempt proved unsuccessful, he ran away and hid in a pond, where he tried to convince the police that he was fishing.

The police did not believe that the man was fishing or his insistence that “the guy who did it went that way.”

Eventually, the suspect submitted to being arrested, claiming that he did not want to be bitten by a police dog. He then promptly threw a temper tantrum in the back of the police vehicle.

Get in the fast lane, Grandma, this bingo game is ready to roll!

Liberty Slots Casino has just unveiled a new multi-jackpot poker-themed video slot called Reel Poker Slots. The popular online casino is giving players $5 free to try it.

With five paylines, each with 52 symbols (a full deck of cards), Reel Poker Slots from WGS pays out for the same five-card winning combinations as a regular poker game. A straight pays 13x the coin bet. A royal flush pays a whopping 10,000x.

Reel Poker Slots has three jackpots. The minor and major jackpots are random and can be triggered at any time. A sequential royal flush wins the main progressive jackpot.

The minor jackpot must be won by the time it has built to $75 and the major jackpot must pay out when it reaches $750. The closer the jackpot gets to the “must win” balance, the higher the chances of winning on any spin.

“In the first few days it’s been available, this game has already proved to be extremely popular among slot players and poker players alike,” reports Mark Ramirez, casino manager at Liberty Slots. “We’re seeing the minor jackpot, especially, triggered between five or six times a day. Once it gets close to the payout point, if it hasn’t popped already, it’s almost like the last few minutes of a tournament. As the counter clicks up and the odds get shorter and shorter, everyone rushes to try and hit the jackpot.”온라인카지노

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