“We need to seriously think about the messy K-League grass.”

FC Seoul and Gimcheon Sangmu at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on April 3. Seoul defeated Gimcheon 5-1, taking three points.

Seoul captain Ki Sung-yueng contributed to his team’s victory by showing off his seasoned game management skills in the midfield. However, Ki did not just smile.

Ki Sung-yueng mentioned the grass condition of the Seoul World Cup Stadium at the end of the mixed zone interview after the game, saying, “I want to tell you something.”

Ki Sung-yueng said, “The grass is not so good,” and added, “If the K-League is to develop more than it is now, we need to pay attention to the grass, which is the basic of the basics.”

“Didn’t you watch the two consecutive games against Thailand? There were frequent irregular boundaries of the ball at home games. After playing against Gimcheon, I felt for sure. The grass is not so good that it is difficult to play a normal game. The grass should not negatively affect the performance. If there is no problem with the grass, players can show what they have prepared on the training ground. I want to show my fans faster and more aggressive soccer,” Ki said.

It is not the first time that Ki mentioned the conditions of grass in the K-League. In February 2022, Ki criticized the conditions of grass at Incheon Football Stadium on his social networking service. At the time, numerous soccer players, including Ki’s fellow players, agreed with the criticism. 토토사이트넷

“We have to take it really seriously,” Ki said. “If the grass is a mess, the ball bounces like a rubber ball.” After taking a breath away, Ki said the following.

“On grass like this, pass mistakes are inevitably made frequently. It is futile for players to practice hard. The Korean team showed better performance in away matches in Thailand. The grass is good, which is why the team’s performance is improving. The K-League’s grass seems to be in worse condition this year than usual. It was not like this in April last year. I want to know why the grass is in such condition after winter. I want to ask why there is no way to recover it. When I watch English soccer at home, I envy players who play on green grass.”

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