“Water Bottle Play”

On the 15th, a video of Lee Kang-in, Seol Young-woo, and Jung Woo-young playing water bottles was posted on various online communities.

The video was filmed on the 6th, when the semifinal against Jordan in the Asian Cup was held, and X (formerly Twitter) user A, who posted the video, wrote, “Lee Kang-in, Seol Young-woo, and Jung Woo-young are the ones playing water bottles.”

In the video, the three of them gathered on one side of the ground at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium and squatted down. The three of them were playing a game in which they threw a water bottle upward and stopped when landing on the floor.

In the first attempt, Jung Woo-young, Lee Kang-in and Seol Young-woo failed one after another. In the second attempt, when Seol Young-woo succeeded in setting up a water bottle, he stretched out his arms and celebrated.

Soon after, Lee Kang-in succeeded, but Jung Woo-young failed to the end. Lee Kang-in and Seol Young-woo then gave Jung Woo-young a flick and the three smiled happily. Lee Kang-in succeeded in setting up the water bottle once more, and the game ended when Seol Young-woo took the water bottle.

When the video was first released, people said it was cute. However, the public opinion reversed when the trio reportedly had a friction with captain Son Heung-min (31) on the eve of a game.

Internet users commented, “I’m so excited,” “I don’t see any tension or urgency even though it happened the day before,” “I’m so peaceful the next day after the captain fractured his finger,” and “Isn’t it normal to be cautious? I don’t know if I won the game, but how can I accept this?” and “Those who are moving around like that, give up the national team. You’re not qualified.”

Meanwhile, on the eve of the match against Jordan, some young players left after dinner to play table tennis quickly. As captain Son Heung-min restrained him, a quarrel broke out with Lee Kang-in, and Son Heung-min’s finger was dislocated in the process. The Korea Football Association admitted the discord between the players, saying, “The report is generally correct.”

Later, Lee Kang-in posted an apology on Instagram on the 14th, and explained through his agent that “it is not true that Lee Kang-in threw a fist in Son Heung-min’s face when he grabbed Lee Kang-in by the neck.”


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