Was it really just because of the money?

Suwon Samsung was demoted. It is the first time since its foundation in 1995. No way, it’s become a reality. There have been signs for years. But no one has innovated. Only the supporters shouted lonely.

Why did Suwon fall. There are many reasons. It is undeniable that one of the main reasons is that investment is decreasing. Samsung Electronics pulled out of the market in 2014. Cheil Industries, which followed, was less motivated. There were limitations as an advertising agency. Suwon’s annual salary fell to the middle and lower ranks.

Is Suwon’s sluggishness absolutely due to insufficient investment. Then, why is Gwangju good. Why has Pohang been doing well for a long time. Why did Leicester City lift the Premier League trophy. Is it always, always, always right to be “unbeatable”.

Financial power is not the only power of a club that has long been regarded as a prestigious family. It is a cool check, exquisite balance, and active cooperation between the leader and the front office. A club that does not become one with the front desk and the leader is bound to fail.

How was Suwon. The front office was powerful. The front desk did not treat the leader relatively importantly. Selecting key players was also considered a front-line area. If the grades went well, the front desk was silent. On the other hand, if his performance was poor, he continued to replace his leader. Changing the manager without the team’s administrative innovation is the easiest card to transfer responsibility. The number of dismissing and dismissing leaders grew rapidly. The tenure was reduced and the replacement cycle became more frequent. The result of the misfiring of the front office, which has been consistent as a stopgap measure, is a “pre-announced” demotion following a long poor performance.

These days, players are beyond clever and clever. If the front desk and the leader fail to work together as one, the players line up on the strong side. Recently, Suwon players lined up at the front desk. If players take the coach lightly, their attitude toward training and playing deteriorates. Of course, his physical condition can’t be good. Injuries, physical strength, and poor organization are entirely due to lack of training. Regarding Suwon’s poor performance, a professional team manager pointed out, “The fundamental reason is to be complacent, thinking that it is still a prestigious club due to the reputation of Suwon and Samsung in the past.”

Will Suwon ever change. More fundamentally important than Cheil’s aggressive investment is the cool self-indulgence and self-sacrifice of the front desk, leaders and players. Didn’t it lead to demotion by continuing to be on the verge of demotion but finding only shields and scapegoats without self-reflection and sacrifice.

Relegation is a pity for all clubs. It will be even more shocking for Suwon supporters, who are by far the best in the K-League in terms of loyalty, enthusiasm, scale and history. The shock felt by Suwon, the most famous club, will be enormous. The greater the impact, the wider and stronger the scope and intensity of innovation. Relegation became a reality and promotion became a homework. There is no future for Suwon unless the front office, leaders, and players have changed extensively. What should the front desk and players have to do with their long passion for Suwon and strong affection. Would it be to change the water source with your own hands once again. Or in what way is it to be responsible. In any case, the true apology should be done with the body, not the mouth.

Were it not for relegation, would Suwon have tried to change. Probably not. I hope that the relegation brought about by complacency, indolence, self-care, and cotton skin administration will be a more precious “gift” than heaven’s gold, which desperately changes the bones of Suwon’s front office, leaders, and players.


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