Victim of alleged illegal filming of Hwang Ui-jo releases details of calls and messages

The victim who sued soccer player Hwang Eui-jo for illegal filming has released the contents of his KakaoTalk messages and recordings.

On the 23rd, Lee Eun-rae, a lawyer representing the victim, held a press conference to reveal some of the calls and messenger contents between Hwang and the victim in June.

According to the lawyer, the victim said, “I clearly said no,” “I asked you to delete the video,” and “I said no, but why is (the video) still there?” in the call with Hwang.

To which Hwang replied, “I’m trying to stop it (the video) from spreading as much as possible” and “I didn’t know this would happen.”

He then messaged the victim again and apologized, saying, “I didn’t take the video illegally, but it was my carelessness that something I owned was stolen,” and “I will do my best to prevent any harm.”

Regarding the content of the conversation, the lawyer claimed that “Hwang Ui-jo couldn’t refute the words ‘illegal filming’ on the phone, but mentioned it on KakaoTalk,” and that “he must have hung up the phone and talked to his lawyer.”

The case began in June when a woman who claimed to be Hwang’s ex-girlfriend circulated photos and videos of Hwang and a woman on Instagram.

“The victim claimed that she had briefly dated Hwang Ui-jo in the past, but she never agreed to take sensitive videos and requested that they be deleted,” the victim said.

In response to the incident, Hwang’s legal representative, Law Firm Daehwan, said in a statement on the 22nd, “The video device used to film the relationship was a regular cell phone used by Mr. Hwang, and it was placed in plain sight without the need to hide it, and the woman was clearly aware of this and agreed to the relationship.” 슬롯

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