Under the revision of the gambling law, which took effect, sportsbooks can offer bets on “other events” that are not related to traditional sports betting

These include horse racing, animal racing, and e-sports. The bill was passed unanimously in both houses and approved by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.

In fact, Nevada began taking its first step in the e-sports betting industry last fall, when it approved a proposal by the Game Policy Committee to allow betting on e-sports games. After the news, it didn’t take long for the state to welcome the first publisher to offer bets to e-sports events. Since then, e-sports betting is considered legitimate, and the recently signed legislation only ensures that change will remain in the near future.

Exploring the potential of the e-sports industry
As for eSports, it is worth noting that this sector has experienced rapid growth over the past few years. Many experts expect the eSports betting sector to develop even further in the coming years and sales to jump to $696 million . The sector’s potential was noted by officials in Nevada, which decided to attract new revenue streams by regulating and taxing the thriving eSports market. So far, eSports bets are illegal in all U.S. states except Nevada, but fans are hopeful that more states will open their eyes to boost market potential.

Accelerating Sector Expansion
Continuing to pay attention to the flow of the industry, the state’s authorities announced a decision to allow eSports bookers to offer bets for an entire series of sporting events as long as these are organized by the same company. This means that participants can bet on the results of games such as the World Series of Poker. The news came from Carl Benison, executive director of Nevada’s Game Control Board, who explained that the entire board had accepted the idea. Under the new change, bookers are authorized to provide eSports betting on multiple matches, but they will have to ask the gambling authorities for permission.에볼루션 바카라사이트

Nevada’s officials, who are the first to regulate and expand the e-sports betting market, recognize all the benefits of their actions.

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